Total value of coins
500 000 000
Frozen assets
PAC Stock
exchange pool
For PAC mining
For PAC staking
50 000 000
100 000 000
100 000 000
100 000 000
150 000 000
For Staking Octa
NFT collections
General information
Our team created and developed the PAC project in close cooperation with the OCTA team. The first token in the OctaSpace network with practical application
The ecosystem we are creating
We are releasing several NFT collections to
The ETHash algorithm
Mining pools offered by PAC:
Only NFT is required to participate in the games
The investor, before he can start using our mining function, must receive a PAC:
PAC users can count on daily earnings using these mining pools:
Total number of coins 500,000,000
The coins will be distributed to the community within a few years. The ecosystem is based on our PAC token
Which can be obtained for an eight-digit rate
You can also use PAC betting and get rewarded
You can get rewards for P2E games
❗️however, to participate, you must have an NFT with unique properties❗️
Mining is also used to get PAC, and of course you can buy PAC on the stock exchange
Every NFT owner can use the augmented reality service
The Metamask wallet is used for data storage (or any other that supports the Octa network)
Mining will not be carried out in the usual way
  • everyone who gets Octa will get a PAC with a second coin, while they do not have to configure anything
  • coins will be automatically transferred to the same wallet as Octa
The total number of coins that can be obtained during mining is 100,000,000
Any pool participating in Octa mining
The full list can be found on the miningpoolstat website
P2E, this feature really caught my attention as I am a gamer myself
Investors can earn PAC by playing their favorite video games

Everyone who has an NFT can take part in the games
For participation, users receive PAC coins
A system of team and rating battles will be introduced
Users will also be able to place bets on the winners
Owning each of the NFT will give:
  • access to the game
  • change the appearance of the game character

The games will be available on PC and mobile devices
The wallet connection service is implemented using Metamask
All user data is securely protected
They are stored in a smart contract
  • setting up Octa coin mining
  • connecting a wallet
  • add a PAC token
The block is created in about 15 seconds
For each block found, the miner will receive an additional 1 PAC to the Octa block coins.
For each Uncle block, the miner will receive 2 PAC
Play to earn: